Hours of Operation: 
To set up an appointment Call/Text/Email-
Nolan Lee -Owner (917).657.2565

*We require payment and signed waivers for all new students before lessons*.

Hourly Rate:
$50 for 30 minutes
$85 an hour for a single session
$150 for a 2 hour session
3 hour session or more *Youngster Care Rates apply* call or email for details

Package Rate:
5 days (1 hour session’s) at $350
5 days (2 hour session’s) $650
>Hydration Included

Group Rate:
Team up in a groups of 2-4 people at a rate of $60 each
2-($120) 3-($180) 4-($240)
>Hydration Included

Membership Rate:
30 day (1 hour session’s) $1,860
(saving’s of $500)
30 day (2 hour session’s) $3,600
(saving’s of $600)
* Hydration Included

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